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Doll Clothes Patterns - Five Top Fashion Trends


Are you sewing doll clothes patterns inspired by today's fashion trends, or are your dolls hopelessly out-of-style? Girls today want to dress their dolls in the same fashion items they want to wear themselves. They're influenced by the styles they see kids wearing on TV and in magazines. So, let's take a look at five of today's top fashion trends and consider how we can translate those popular styles into doll clothes patterns.

1.) Baby doll tops

These pretty, feminine tops are made of delicate fabrics, like lace, silk chiffon, translucent cotton voile and lightweight knit. They often feature an empire waistline and/or a belt tied in the back. They hang close to the body, are soft and flowing, never starched or stiff.

2.) 'Cigarette' jeans

These very tight-legged pants are usually worn with long tunic-like tops. They're great looking tucked into knee-boots or worn with ballet slippers. At the other end of the spectrum, we're also seeing very wide-legged pants and jeans. So, for an updated look, choose doll clothes patterns with either very skinny legs or very wide legs.

3.) Layers over layers over layers

Short over long is the key to this look. Wear short-sleeves over long-sleeves, a short jacket over a long top, or a short vest over a long-sleeved dress over pants. The look is clean and uncluttered, with lots of solid colors. It's all about the 'lines' of the design, not the pattern on the fabric. You probably already have lots of doll clothes patterns you can use to create this look. Experiment. It's just a new way of combining old 'basic' pieces.

4.) The 'hoodie' is taking on a new form

The best new sweater is a textured knit, knee-length wrapped design with a loose hood. It's worn over a one-color long top and skinny pant combo. Add knee-boots and a big bag for a totally pulled-together look. The second new 'hoodie' shape is the short-sleeved hoodie, worn over a long-sleeved tee or sweater. It ties two strong trends together: the hoodie and layering.

5.) Opposites attract: Mixing hard and soft

Puffy textures are used with smooth, flat fabrics to create visual contrast. The short 'puffa' jacket is worn with skinny spandex pants. Fuzzy fur peeks out the top of smooth leather knee-boots. A fluffy chiffon skirt, made of layers-upon-layers of ruffles is worn with a clingy silk knit tee.

So, get started! You have plenty of information about the new apparel trends to help you select doll clothes patterns and create a closet full of great clothes for your dolls. Now, get inspired and release your inner fashion designer.

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